Getting Started

If your student is interested in joining crew, fill out the Interest Form and physical forms and plan to attend the next interest meeting. Download and read the rest of the documents and information in this Join the Team section.


Interest Meeting

These meetings are held in the winter to give parents and students information on what to expect this year and answer questions. 


Parent interest meetings are held at the beginning of the season. Dues can be paid during this parent meeting. Bring your checkbook. Physical forms will be due to Ms. Kigin during school (get your student to turn them in early to avoid the line).


Dues, Costs, Uniforms 

  • Dues are approximately $650.00 for Varsity and Novices with a sibling discount for the second child. Paying by check is preferred. Online payments are an option but will include a processing fee. Learn more about online payments.

  • Dues may be paid during the parent and rower kickoff meeting at the beginning of the season. Students waiting for results from try-out week, please pay dues no later than March 7.

  • Novice rowers will have a practice uniform they will use for racing which will include own purchased shorts and a provided team tank top. 

  • Varsity rowers are expected to purchase uniforms which are about $125 but can be worn for more than one season. This includes the uni and a long sleeve shirt. (info on ordering will be provided closer to the start of season)

  • Additional fees for out of state regattas (Stotesbury and Nationals) are about $350.00 per event.

  • Scholarships are offered to everyone who participates in the free/reduced lunch program.

  • To offset the cost of equipment and provide scholarships, our team does a lot of fundraising and relies on volunteers and donations. Some volunteer positions are required of parents as part of VASRA. Please see Volunteering and Boosters pages to learn more.


US Rowing

Students participating in competitive rowing are required to have a US Rowing membership and signed waiver each year. Follow these steps (doc) to set up your account. 2020 season dues will include the cost of this membership.