The mission of WHS Crew is to provide an enriching and rewarding team sport for its students who are interested in physical and competitive challenges and in developing rowing skills and knowledge as an important part of their overall educational experience at WHS.

WHS Crew will provide the environment to gain these rewarding experiences in both training and competitive situations and permit each student athlete to advance whether as a novice beginner or an experienced competitive rower.

WHS Crew will always place the growth, development and needs of our student athletes first since their safety, well-being and personal progress are our first priority.

The mission of the Wakefield High School rowing team is to build the minds, body and character of the student-athletes. WHS rowing team achieves this mission through teamwork, perseverance, commitment, respect, integrity and sportsmanship.

Rowing demands great personal effort and a willingness and ability to harmonize individual effort with that of the team. Rowers will endeavor to synchronize the pace and power of their strokes, and successful rowers will learn to face and overcome challenges as a team, and in competing, come to appreciate the value of hard work and mental toughness.

The Wakefield High School rowing team welcomes all students regardless of grade, size or ability.