Support Us

Funding from sponsorships and donations helps Wakefield Crew team purchase needed gear and support - from purchasing boats and oars to paying for bus transportation and providing scholarships to students. Below are a few of the ways to support the team.

Restaurant Nights

Local restaurants in the area agree to donate a portion of their sales on a designated day in support of our team. Watch for notices about the next event. If you have a favorite neighborhood restaurant that you think would be interested in supporting the team, email us.


The Erg-a-thon is generally our biggest fundraiser of the year. Rowers will reach out to neighbors, friends and family to support them as they row thousands of meters to raise funds for the team.

Green Oar Society

Donors who donate the cost of an oar, roughly $350, become a member of our Green Oar Society and can choose a text to add on the shaft of the oar. The team purchases a few oars every year to meet the demand of the tough sport and a growing team.

Amazon Smile

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If you already shop on Amazon for many of your online purchases, take a couple minutes to sign up with Many purchases on this site will qualify to donate a portion of the sale to Wakefield Crew Boosters.

Donate Now

You can also donate directly to our team through PayPal or credit card.

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  • If paying via PayPal, please add 3% to cover Credit Card processing fees.

  • Under "Add special instruction to seller" please put your rower's name there.

Thank you to our restaurant sponsors for their

enthusiastic support!

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