Parent volunteers are a crucial part of what keeps the crew team going. Here are some ways that you can be a part of the crew family as you support your young athlete.

Regatta Support

To keep the regattas running smoothly throughout crew season, parents help with regatta setup and hospitality. Parents also help with our travel regattas, which require additional support.  


To reach our annual goals our team does a lot of fundraising and relies on volunteers and donations.  Some examples of fundraising events include restaurant nights, running the concession stands during school games, bake sales, holiday bazaar, and the erg-a-thon. Learn about volunteering for fundraising events on the Boosters page.


Food for Regattas

Parents can also help by volunteering to bring or send food to support the team during each race. It takes a lot of food to feed 40 – 70 hungry teenagers during a full race day. At least one parent will be needed to organize food and a list of food items will be available in a sign up list for parents to purchase or make and deliver to those carrying the food on set dates or morning of the regatta. We will also need volunteers to help with tent set up, serving the food and cheering on our kids during the race day.


VASRA Positions

The Virginia Area Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA) promotes scholastic rowing in the Washington metropolitan area. VASRA organizes and operates competitive rowing events for its member schools and guests at Sandy Run Park on the Occoquan Reservoir and the Potomac River.

As a member of VASRA, our team is responsible for filling various positions during regattas. Positions can be a wide range of things. For each regatta, we’ll have several spots to fill and ask able parents to volunteer for those spots. Over 150 parent volunteer positions are needed to make each regatta safe and fair -- that's almost 1,000 parent jobs for the season shared across the competing schools. Without the parents, regattas would not happen!

Positions can include assisting with announcements, awards, concessions, dock master, finish line, parking, driving various launch boats, and more.